Thicker than Water by Anne Cassidy


About this book:

George dreams of an easy life – a little record business and enough money to get by. But it’s hard when he has Lennie to look after too. Lennie’s got a way of getting into scrapes and he doesn’t know his own strength. So when they hole up with Billy and his dodgy business, they hope they can stay long enough to get some money saved. But wherever Lennie is, trouble is never very far away.


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Danger Really Is Everywhere by David O’Doherty and Chris Judge (Illustrator)


About this book:

Following a mishap involving his DANGER MOBILE (shopping trolley) and the local school dinner lady, Docter Noel Zone joins the teaching staff to help out.


But any POD (Pupil of Dangerology) knows that schools are full of DANGER – from VAMPIRE teachers to HAUNTED BOOKS! And when bikes start to go missing from around school, to Docter Noel, it’s never been clearer that DANGER REALLY IS EVERYWHERE

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Hilda and the Troll by Luke Pearson

About this book:

Sea spirits, giants, weird woodmen and trolls; Hilda’s outings never quite fall into the realm of the ordinary. And this one certainly has some surprises, but of course, as Hilda so adeptly points out: “such is the life of an adventurer.”

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Liam by Benjamin Zephaniah. Illustrated by Dan Taylor.

About this book:

Liam’s life is going well. He’s done okay in his GCSEs; he’s getting pretty good at playing the guitar. If he could just persuade Amy Zyskowski to go out with him, everything would be perfect.

Oh, and if he could find out who his real parents are…

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Ring of Roses by Mary Hooper

About this book:

Abby loves her mistress’s baby, but when the Plague comes to London, protecting her seems almost impossible.
Powerful historical drama and a companion piece to Mary Hooper’s bestselling At the Sign of the Sugared Plum


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