19 April 2021

Parental Update 16/04/21


Welcome to the summer term!  We have had a very positive start back to school after Easter and - fingers crossed - no need to isolate any students this week.  I am hopeful that we will start to see the same benefits as the rest of the country, as we move away from COVID restrictions gradually over the coming months.  A reminder that masks still need to be worn, and will still be required in classrooms until 17th May.  These measures are aimed to ensure the virus doesn’t return and we can all return to that sense of normality!


Thank you to Year 11 parents for your participation in last night’s Consultation Evening.  We continue to work hard to provide Year 11 students with as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate their GCSE performance over this half term.  Further details regarding the forthcoming assessments in school during May are in the process of being finalised and distributed to parents.  You will receive these next week.  On the whole, Year 11 are adopting a serious and appropriate approach to their learning, and this will stand them in good stead as grades are calculated.  We have now created - in line with examination board requirements - a centre policy for Year 11 GCSE grades this year in terms of how these will be calculated, and this will also be forwarded to parents soon. 


We will be moving to assessments for Years 7 to 10 from June onwards.


Year 9 HPV Vaccinations (2nd dose): The Stockport immunisation team will be visiting school next week to administer the 2nd HPV vaccination which Year 9 students missed due to lockdown last summer.    These will take place on Monday – Boys and Tuesday – Gir

Year 11 Catering students had their practical exam this week to produce two dishes in three hours. We have had some stunning results, producing some very high class meals that would be suitable for any restaurant or hotel.  The students have to plan, prepare, cook and serve their menu to restaurant standard using traditional British cuisine.  All the students should be commended for their professionalism, hard work and commitment.



We are in the process of planning key events in school for that final half term, in the hope that we will return to some sense of normality.  We hope that these will include a Careers Fair in school, a Sports Day and a rewards evening for our Key Stage 3 students.  We are also hopeful that this year we will be able to allow Year 6 students who will join us in September to have a transition day in school on 1st July: our transition team will be visiting feeder primaries over the course of this term and I look forward to meeting our new Year 7s in their primary school this term.


We are currently also planning some new developments for our school building that will take place over the summer term.  We will be creating a new area of school for Year 7 and 8 students during break and lunch time with their own internal and external catering facilities. 


Have a good weekend.

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