23 April 2021

Parental Update - 23/4/21


Lots of messages on many different themes this week …


  • A reminder as ever that masks are still required in schools until - at the very earliest - 17th May.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to keep on track with this in the light of the national picture, but we all need to ensure everyone remains safe in school.
  • Dance extra curricular - Master classes

We have the opportunity for our students to participate in some after school master classes in the coming weeks. The workshops are aimed at students learning professional dance pieces and both workshops will last for 1 1/2 hours.

Students will learn 2 pieces of professional choreography from Broadway (Chicago's - All that Jazz) and music video (Florence and the machine - Big God).

Date: Tues 27th and 4th of May Time: 4-5.30pm Location: Via zoom (year 7s can remain in school to do the workshop) link to be sent Cost: £10 to be paid by parent pay

To secure a place on the workshop please email Miss Hibbert via edulink or at kimberley.hibbert@wernethschool.com

  • Year 11 draw ever closer to their end of school time, with 25 school days remaining.  We are very busy completing modules, gathering evidence and preparing for those internal examinations in mid May.  A reminder that Year 11 students’ last day in school for lessons will be 28th May.  From 7th June, compulsory attendance is not required for Year 11.  However, the two week period between 7th and 18th June is reserved for students to be available to come into school and complete missed assessments / pieces of work and complete the process for examination boards.  Therefore Year 11 students need to be available if required to come into school until 18th June.  They will not be required to come in at all after 18th June.
  • In Summer half term 2, our focus will switch to internal examinations for all other year groups, and these are of course further complicated by COVID restrictions.  A note though that:
    • Year 7 Exams week beginning 7th June
    • Year 8 Exams week beginning 14th June
    • Year 9 Exams week beginning 21st June
    • Year 10 Exams week beginning 28th June and week beginning 5th July.
  • ATTENDANCE MATTERS.  We are so pleased to have welcomed all of our students back at school. We understand that this may still be a stressful time for both you and your child. If you have any concerns or questions, remember that our Attendance Team are always on hand to help. You can contact them on 0161 494 1222 ext 1058 or email attendance@wernethschool.com
  • School starts at 8:40am all students need to be in form by 8:50am.
  • If your child is unable to attend school, please contact us by 8.40am calling the absence line on 0161 494 1222 or email absence@wernethschool.com.
  • When requesting time off for medical or dental appointments could you please send your request to absence@wernethschool.com along with a copy of your letter or appointment card  
  • As part of our Health & Safety procedures, we held a Fire Drill on Tuesday afternoon, and I am pleased to say that students evacuated the building well within the required time.
  • We are now operating a summer uniform for the remainder of this term: this means that red jumpers are optional.  The rest of our uniform remains the same.  However, we are currently starting to conduct a review of our uniform and will conclude that by the end of the half term - this review will involve students, parents and staff.  So expect to hear something about it!  Don’t worry, we won’t be introducing anything involving additional cost for at least 12 months - we aim to make the uniform cost less if we can do so.
  • If you are a Year 6 parent and your child is coming to Werneth in September, we are starting our primary liaison work very soon.  This will involve key staff - including myself - visiting our feeder primary schools and introducing ourselves with key information about our school.  We will also be communicating with parents soon.  We intend - in line with the other secondary schools in Stockport - to have Year 6 in school on Thursday 1st July.  At the moment, it seems unlikely though that we will be able to have over 400 parents into school that evening, so we intend to offer a mix of video presentations and the possibility of a form tutor zoom meeting.
  • Are you coming to Werneth in September?  If so, you may want to read what Sofia in Year 7 has written about her experience at secondary school:


A day in the life of a Year 7 at Werneth

My first year at Werneth has been far from normal and of course overwhelming at times but every single second I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

I had mixed feelings about high school and I was so worried but - trust me - it's very different from what I expected. I only knew a few people when I joined nonetheless I have made so many amazing new friends!

 On the first day you're not alone. You will join a form in which you will spend 20 minutes every morning. You would have already got to know your form tutor online beforehand.

Werneth may seem huge at first compared to primary school but now I know it like the back of my hand.

There is a HEART space in school that you can visit if you ever need some support or care.

The thing that makes Werneth so special to me is the way they make you feel safe, they let you know you're never alone and always have support for you and everyone else so when we had to return to Lockdown in January everyone could still learn ... whether it was online live lessons, paper packs or help in school they were there for it all.

We soon got back and returned to normal lessons again. In Technology you get to saw and create things out of wood and Food Tech you get to cook and bake. In English you get to write and learn rich, new language. We do French and Maths. Even Drama and Dance. We get to express ourselves, learn, follow scripts, dance and play games. In Science we experiment, we do chemistry and physics. In PE we run laps and play sports such as football or netball, long jump and track. In Art we paint and draw, photograph and create. So many experiences and lessons, so much laughter comes with it all. Every single teacher never fails to make you smile, or laugh and there is no way they will ever fail to comfort you at hard times.

You can receive positive points from every teacher and earn badges and rewards to encourage you to do the best you possibly can.  Werneth is an experience you will never forget.


Sofia, Year 7



Have a good weekend!



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