30 April 2021

Parental Update - 30/04/21


Time flies!  We are already reaching the half way point of this half term, and that means we only have 19 school days remaining for our Year 11 students: their last day in lessons will be Friday 28th May.


Everyone in school - teachers and students - are working so hard to gather all of the evidence, complete all of the testing required and ensure that we provide every opportunity for our Year 11s to maximise their performance.  The additional demands are stressful as we now approach those final assessments and we are sure Year 11 parents will be feeling that too.  If you want further information about Year 11 grades, there is a wealth of information on our website.  Follow this link: https://wernethschool.com/news/2021-04-29-year-11-information-about-teacher-assessed-grades-2021

Reminder - Year 11s still need to be available to come into school if requested up until 18th June to provide evidence for the examination boards.


At Werneth School, we are very proud of our young people, particularly when they show maturity, kindness and consideration.  I was delighted this week to hear from our colleagues at Morrisons in Bredbury who have worked with us throughout lockdown to provide food for families who need it.  They tweeted:


“Teenagers usually get bad news.  Well yesterday this lovely young lad found some money and handed it in so we thought he should get a treat for his recognition and kind gesture as the owner was pleased.  Well done and thank you.”


It’s so true that young people often get a bad press because of the anti-social behaviour of the few, when the vast majority of our future adults are wonderful, caring individuals.  I have met with Oliver in Year 10 to tell him how proud we are of him, and he has been presented with a reward from school as well.  Very well done Oliver!


In association with Bredbury Fit Club, the PE department are starting a Boxing & Fitness club next week which will run for  at least 6 weeks.  This will be on Tuesdays 3.15-4.00 (Year 8/9) and Wednesdays 3.15-4.00 (Year 10/11).  There are 20 places available for the club (with the idea that the students sign up in advance and commit to the 6 weeks).  Punch bags, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Pads, Skipping ropes, Weights etc will be used.  First come first served for the 20 places.  All FREE.  Speak to Mr Brierley if you are interested.


Other key points:

  • Reminder that internal assessments for other year groups will take place next half term:
    • Year 7 Exams week beginning 7th June
    • Year 8 Exams week beginning 14th June
    • Year 9 Exams week beginning 21st June
    • Year 10 Exams week beginning 28th June and week beginning 5th July.


Have a great weekend!  Remember it’s Bank Holiday, so we will see you on Tuesday.


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