28 May 2021

This update includes:  goodbye to our Year 11 students; working with other schools; rewards; senior students; changes to entrances, staircases and break/lunch spaces from after half term; end of summer term date and start in September; information for next half term


We reach the end of a complete half term and we nearly did so without any COVID cases affecting school life at all.  Unfortunately, yesterday, we had a positive case reported to us in school and this resulted in 23 of our Year 10 students needing to isolate.  It’s a reminder that we need to remain vigilant.  In my meetings with other leaders in Stockport this week, we have been reminded very clearly that cases are not falling yet in Stockport - they are rising amongst young people - and we must be very careful to follow the national roadmap.  The local authority will be reminding us all of that over the next week and it’s something for us all to remember as we have the freedom and sunshine of half term: large groups are still a COVID issue.  The health service are keeping a watchful eye on the cases in Stockport, and we have been advised that face coverings and other measures may yet return in the coming weeks. 


It’s been an even busier half term than ever as we have focused on ensuring Year 11 students have every opportunity to succeed.  This has been a week when first and foremost we have said goodbye to them.  We wish them every success for their future.  They are the second consecutive year that have been affected by COVID.  Their disruption has not been as all-consuming as last year’s thankfully, but still they have been severely affected by the pandemic.  In our final assembly with them yesterday, we congratulated them on their excellent work this last term, and throughout their time with us.  They are a lovely group of young adults and are on the way to a promising future.  This week has been a challenge for them as the assessments have finished, and there are no final examinations to prepare for.  They left us on Thursday morning with pizza and sweets and shirt signing in the sunshine.  It was lovely to hear their plans for September and - as is always the case - it was a mix of tears and relief.  Generally speaking, they will miss school but they are ready for that next big step!



There are now two more weeks after half term - up to and including Friday 18th June - where teachers are moderating and cross checking all of the evidence before we consult with the exam boards.  That process may need an individual young person to come back for a variety of reasons up to this date.  If that’s the case, we will contact you.  If we don’t contact you, then we will see you on Thursday 12th August for GCSE Examination Results Day in school.  If your child would like to return to school to say a proper goodbye to their teachers over this period, we understand that and accommodate it in very small groups.  Please contact sarah.barnard@wernethschool.com and we can set up a time for them to do that.


I had the pleasure this week of observing a group of our students across all five year groups working collaboratively with children from our local partner school within the family of schools at Education Learning Trust, Bredbury Green.  This was all about how we can work together to Collaborate, Empower and Achieve.  Our students were superb in articulating their ideas and research - I was really proud of them.  They are Harry Frankland, Jad Clayton and Gabriella Adams from Year 7; Jack Ryder and Megan Voss from Year 8; Jake Dodd and Madison Adie from Year 9; Max Nagler and Jessica Sellers from Year 10, and Dylan Platts and Molly Spillane from Year 11.


Every half term we reward students who have shown a consistently excellent approach to learning with a prize draw.  Every teacher has a number of “Golden Tickets” to award to their classes.  This half term, the lucky winner - drawn today - is Caitlyn in Year 7.  Congratulations Caitlyn!  She was chosen for her Golden Ticket by Mrs Kiernan, and was the lucky winner of the prize draw, winning a Chromebook for all her outstanding efforts this half term. 


Mr McGrath, our Manchester United Foundation Hub Officer, tells me that “two deserving Year 8 students have been given the opportunity to participate in a 'Pitch Day' event at Old Trafford next week during the Half Term break. The day will include playing on the pitch, and attending workshops delivered by MU Foundation staff. These students were nominated by Form tutors and Heads of Year for showing consistent good behaviours and attitude in and around school. Well done and enjoy this unique opportunity.


New Senior Students for September - Miss Hibbert

As we say goodbye to our year 11 Senior Students, we want to thank them for all of their hard work and support during the last year. Well done on being such excellent student leaders who have been so proactive and have fantastic initiative! As we look forward to the future, we are excited and ready to welcome our current year 10s to be the next Senior Students of Werneth. Application forms will be available from Miss Hibbert or Mrs Chantler on the first day back after half term and a presentation will be sent to all year 10 students. If you - as a Year 10 student - want to express an initial interest in applying to be a part of the next leadership team then please email Miss HIbbert at student.leadership@wernethschool.com stating your name and form.


Mr Parker is very proud of Jamie Raeburn in Year 10, who has received a commendation from Manchester University for his letter to President Jo Biden.  This was a competition on his priorities 100 days after taking office: Jamie focused on the challenges of climate change and will receive a thermal water bottle as a prize.  Well done Jamie!


There will be some changes to the way we organise school bubbles when we return after half term, and we will be explaining these to students on the first day of our return.



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Area to wait before school

No change

No change

Front external area, canteen

No change

Staircase to use

No change

No change

Staircase off front student entrance and canteen

HART space stairs

Break / lunch space

No change

No change

Front external area, canteen

No change


Other snippets of news:

  • I also had the pleasure of visiting Arden Primary on Wednesday morning to meet the young people who will join us in September.  They were a happy, smiley group with lots of useful questions.
  • Thanks to over 200 respondent parents for the Uniform Survey a few weeks ago.  We aim to make decisions soon after half term, and explain how we roll that out in a considerate way.  We understand the costs on parents, and we are highly conscious of keeping sight of ways to reduce that cost.  We will update you after half term.  Any changes will not be compulsory from September.
  • School Food Accounts:  General reminder to please ensure your child’s food account (ParentPay) is in credit.  After May, half-term children must have credit on their account to be able to purchase food at break and lunchtime.  Lunch accounts will no longer be allowed to go into a deficit.  Alternatively, please provide your child with a packed lunch from home.
  • We will update you with key dates for your diary in the forthcoming half term when we return.  A reminder that we break up for the summer on Wednesday 21st July
  • Confirmation that we will return after the summer break as follows:


Return date after September holidays

Year 7 and Year 11 only

Years 8, 9 and 10

Return on Thursday 2nd September at 8.40am

Year 11 will finish at 1pm on this day

Year 7 will finish at 3.10pm on this day

All return on Friday 3rd September at 8.40am,


All school years finish at 3.10pm on this day.


Have a fantastic half term break, and we will see everyone back on Monday 7th June at 8.40am.

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