Parliament Trip

On Tuesday 22nd November 2016 the school Council went to The Houses of Parliament with Mr Norman and Mrs Littlewood. We travelled to London on the train and then to Buckingham Palace on the London Underground. During the day they we visited the Palace, Parliament Square, Big Ben and were fortunate to have a tour of Parliament which included being able to sit in and watch the House of Lords and the House of Commons in action.

The people who attended completed a workshop all about Making Laws where they formed their own Political Party and had to make laws of their own. The workshop leader commented on how our laws were some of the best she has come across. Werneth's Laws were: "Every time that you use a piece pf paper you must plant a tree." and "Free public transport for all school children travelling to and from their school.

Young People Event

On Thursday 29th September 2016, Werneth's Student Council made history when they attended the FIRST and BIGGEST EVER youth event “The Stockport Young Reps Workshop” hosted at Stockport Town Hall with Miss N Smith. The Council took part in a number of workshops aimed at hearing their views, opinions and ideas about how the local community, schools and transport systems for young people can be improved across Stockport.



Opening Day

Sir Bobby Charlton and his wife Lady Norma were our guests of honour on Tuesday 9th December 2016 we combined the official opening ceremony of our new school building with the launch of our designation as a Manchester United Foundation Hub School. Sir Bobby joined a selection of special guests including the Mayor of Stockport, our fellow partners Adidas UK and ITV, local councillors, governors and representatives from Stockport local education authority.