Harrytown Romiley, Stockport, SK6 3BX
0161 494 1222
07860 055730

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Parental queries can be sent to Mrs Philips Office Manager

Reception opening hours - Monday-Thursday 8.00am - 4.30pm and Friday 8.00am - 4.15pm.


Headteacher: A. Conroy

Deputy Headteacher: A. Fowler

Deputy Headteacher: P. Foy

Business Manager: E. Sorsby

Senco: S Burke

Assistant Headteacher: J.Dee

Year Inclusion Manager:

T . Taylor

Year Achievement Leader

J Tonge


Academic year 2021/2022

Tutor Reg

A Elder / K Kiernan (Fr)

A Pullar
R Astles R

R Babar

J. Burden

G Woods
T Sloane S
J McKenna C

S Higham
A Clegg/ S.Rowland L


Assistant Headteacher: G Norman

Year Inclusion Manager:

M Graham -

Year Achievement leader

J Foulkes


Tutor Reg
G Hodson W
E Brothers
D Matthews R
S Mosley N
J Smith T
C Ellis H
J Holden S
M Carr C
F Southwell O
L Wicks L

Assistant Headteacher: G Kennedy

Year Inclusion Manager:

M Arnold

Year Achievement leader

M Mujagic


Tutor Reg
C Barnett W
R Baker
K Smith R
R Brierley N
A Johnson T
S Clayton H
C Holt S
N Smith C
J Angove O
EM Bennett L
S Warrington A

Assistant Headteacher: D Willis

Year Inclusion Manager:

Mel Lewis

Year Achievement leader

H Massey


Tutor Reg
H Markham/R Smith (W/Th) W
D Berry E
J Foulkes
R Oakes N
A Forbes
O Rogers H
R Wates S
J Nicholls C
D Smith O
J Ramsbottom L

Assistant Headteacher: R.Chantler

Year Inclusion Manager:

J Hunt

Year Achievement leader

L Aspinall


Tutor Reg
S McKeown W
C Carr
K Hibbert(L.Ricker) R
D Edge N
 C Meaburn T
S Bertho H
G Neilson S
P Parker C
J Burrows O
D Liffen L
J McLoughlin Sci
H McLaren Eng
EL Bennett Mat



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