Curriculum Intent

Visual Arts offers a diverse range of interesting topics to be studied at both KS3 and GCSE. The department has endeavored to encompass modern artists and photographers to influence our outcomes and programmes of study. At KS4 we also ensure that the curriculum is enriched with an educational experience visiting and experiencing primary sources such as a city visit to London and witnessing a show then using the photographs and experiences in examination research and outcomes

Curriculum Features


  • Research on themes and topics
  • Observational drawing
  • Experimenting in different materials and mediums
  • In depth research of Artists and Photographers
  • Extensive annotation and evaluation
  • Development of design ideas
  • Production of final pieces in both 2D and 3D
  • Variety of starting points for the examination
  • Educational experiences - Primary sources
  • KS3 Cultural topic for Year 7 and Natural Forms for Year 8
  • KS4 GCSE we offer four subject specialisms - Photography, Fine Art, 3D Sculpture and Graphics

Co-curriculum Enrichment

Our Indian and Mexican project in Year 7 have historical context and links with Geography. The same can be said for Natural forms with Biology and Geography. Artists from different cultures and different countries are studied in-depth and we place a great emphasis on studying and appreciating forms of Art from a variety of cultures, religions and countries.

Trips are done within the exam preparation and are always linked to the AQA set questions so that we can improve the level of outcome for the GCSE. 

We have on many occasions invited professionals to work with the students and have taken students to visit Art Galleries to expose them to Art in its natural setting.

Key Stage 3

In years 7,8 & 9 students will learn lots of skill and techniques in their art lessons. The students will use a wide variety of materials and they will experience working in many different ways.

The students will follow a programme of study which looks at lots of different art movements and artists. In year 7 the students will study the culture India and produce a range of fantastic artwork and learn lots of techniques along the way.

In year 8 our theme is animals. The students may now experiment in 3D and can create a canvas or a 3D sculpture in the theme.

Art Assessment Calendar

Key Stage 4


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