School Uniform

Our uniform rationale strives to prepare young people for the world of work by raising standards of presentation in a consistent approach across the school. 

The School Uniform

  • Blazer: Black Official Werneth School blazer with school logo
  • Tie: Official Werneth School tie
  • Jumper: Official Red Jumper with school logo (OPTIONAL GARMENT)
  • Skirt/Trousers: Black 2.5” stitch-down knife pleated skirt / Black tailored trousers
  • Shirt: White school shirt, either long or short sleeved
  • Socks: Plain black socks (not trainer socks or ankle style sports socks) or plain black tights
  • Shoes: Plain black slip-on or lace up shoes (no trainers, sports branded footwear, pumps or boots)
  • School bag: the bag needs to be large enough to hold an A4 file.

Please note: Plain clothing should not contain visible badges, writing or insignia; Trousers and skirts should not be constructed from denim, linen or canvas. Official items can be purchased from Bonnie Bouncer or Monkhouses.

Hair styles should be appropriate for a business setting:

  • Hair accessories (alice bands, hair slides etc.) should be small black or red;
  • Hair dyed in bright colours is not permissible;
  • Patterns or lines shaved into hair is not permissible;
  • Head scarves can be worn but should be plain black (no logos, embroidery, fringing or beading) and should be secured with a safety pin.

Jewellery is restricted to:

  • One pair of small plain silver or gold studs (no hooped, coloured or diamante earrings), no more than one stud in each ear;
  • Watches are permitted but will be asked to be removed for examinations; in line with exam board regulations.

No false nails, eyelashes or nail varnish allowed

Consequences for not wearing uniform

Students are always offered replacement uniform if they are missing items. Failure in wearing the correct uniform will lead to Extended Time out. In addition uniform infringements will lead to a parental contract to ensure future compliance with uniform rules. Parents/Carers are requested to provide a written note when and why uniform rules are being impinged.

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Official Uniform Stockists

Monkhouse  - Website Bonny Bouncer - Email
217 Chestergate 246 Stockport Road West
Stockport Bredbury, Stockport
Tel: 0161 430 5391 / 07552 686646 Tel :0161 476 7210
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School Uniform