Parents’ Guide to Homework



We aim to set homework that is challenging and meaningful for your child. Homework may be set to develop work completed in the lesson, to ask  students to practice a skill or apply their learning to a different context or consider topics that they will study in future lessons.

We believe that homework is an important part of a good education. It consolidates learning and prepares students for the learning to come.


Parental Support

It is essential that parents and carers support their child with homework. There are many ways to offer this support. By encouraging your child to complete the homework, by monitoring the homework so that you know what tasks your child is expected to complete. You can also provide praise to your child when they have completed homework.

Each parent has an account with Satchel:One. This lets you monitor the homework your child has received and therefore support them in completing it.

If you do not have an account set up, please contact


Google Classroom & Satchel:One

Google Classroom is the primary online platform Werneth School uses to inform students about home learning.


Satchel:One is a website that allows homework tasks to be set and manage deasily. It also allows parents to monitor their child’s homework.


At Werneth we use the Satchel:One website to publish and manage homework online. Students at Werneth School have an account which allows them to access the Satchel:One website. This lets them see and manage their homework. The tasks set will also be visible on the Google Classroom. Students  will be able to access the homework tasks through both Google Classroom and Satchel:One.

Parents will be able to see the homework that has been set for their child through their parent account in Satchel:One.

Both Google Classroom & Stachel:One are accessible as a website or as an app on a phone or tablet.



How Homework is Set

Homework is published on the Satchel:One website. Teachers will upload homework to this website and students can then login to the website or their app to see the homework they have been set.


Students without online access.

If you do not have online access then please inform your child’s Year Achievement Leader. They will arrange with your child’s teachers to set homework that is accessible. This might involve the teacher giving printed instructions to your child, or provide paper based resources to complete the homework.


Frequency of Homework

Key Stage 3 (Ys 7-9)

Core Subjects:

Maths, English and Science set homework once a week.


Key Stage 3 Non-Core Subjects

Homework is set once a fortnight.


Key Stage 4 Subjects:

Core Subjects:

Homework in Maths, English & Science is set once a week.


Option Subjects:

Homework in Option subjects is set a minimum of once a fortnight.


Facilities and Support

The school provides the library as a quiet study area for students to complete homework. 

Year groups can access the library at the following times. 





After School

Year 7


Mon, Tues & Wed


Everyday from 3:10pm -4pm


(Friday till 3:45pm)

Year 8


Mon, Tues & Wed

year 9

Mon & Thurs

Mon to Fri

Year 10


Thurs, Fri

Year 11


Thurs, Fri