We understand that the move from primary to secondary school is a big step for some children: establishing a different routine, having many more teachers, more subjects within the curriculum, accompanied with a much larger building to get used to. Some children may benefit from a slower transition into secondary school and with that in mind we have created a year 7 transition class at Werneth School for those students.


The students in our transition class are selected prior to joining Werneth through discussions with primary teachers, parents, professional agencies and our pastoral team. Students in the class have a variety of academic abilities however they may require extra support at the start of their secondary journey. Some may struggle with anxiety and need more time to grow in confidence and some students may have health conditions or additional needs.


The aim of the transition class is to reduce the number of teachers the students have, reduce movement around the building, enable more intervention to students by having a smaller class size, whilst at the same time still be offered the same breadth and depth of curriculum as mainstream students.


If you would like to know more information about our transition class please contact admin@wernethschool.com