Curriculum Intent

Film and Media Studies aims to introduce students to a wide range of visual and audio texts which have had and continue to have influence on society over the last hundred years.  We encourage independent, critical thinking and introduce students to key cultural theories developed by leading thinkers.  Students are guided to consider the importance and impact of texts on their lives, and to develop their ability to analyse the ways in which texts are aesthetically constructed in order to create impact and convey meaning.

We live in a world in which the media dominate our everyday existence.  In Media Studies we study the big questions. How are they made? Who controls their production? Why and how do we engage with them? The subject aims to make us critical evaluators of the messages and values we experience all around us - in newspapers, on television, in adverts, in films and on the internet. 

Cinema has been a dominant artistic form for well over a hundred years. Around the globe films have brought people together. Most of us will have a film we love, and a film we hate. Films bring us comfort, laughter and tears.  In Film Studies we look at a wide range of films from around the world, from Hollywood to Pinewood. We consider how films are created, why some films are loved and some films are loathed. The course aims to bring out the critical and creative side of our students, and make them informed and considered viewers .

Curriculum Features

  • Analysis of the  construction of individual images
  • Analysis of the relationship between series of images
  • Analysis of the relationship between images and society
  • An understanding of media and film texts as products of a hegemony
  • An understanding of media and film texts as challengers of hegemonic values
  • Development of creative ideas for narrative and character
  • Development of creative ideas for an aesthetic, bran image or corporate look
  • Study of the development of texts in relationship to technological advances
  • Study of the changing attitudes in society and how media and film reacts to these

Co-curriculum Enrichment


  • Links with History
  • Links with Business Studies
  • Links with IT
  • Links with Art
  • Links with English 
  • Links with Music 

Year 9

What will in study in Year Nine?

Media Studies

Modern Hollywood Blockbusters


Film Marketing

Music Videos


Key Stage 4

What will I study?

You will look at the ways in which media organisations (such as film organisations, TV channels, magazines, social networks, websites) market, promote and brand themselves in a commercially competitive environment.

All students will complete modules in photography, film language, image analysis and the convergent nature of media technology. Students will have the opportunity to use digital still and video cameras and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks.

How will I be assessed?

External assessment; Written examination paper — 70% of the final mark
Controlled assessment — 30% of the final mark. The controlled assessment consists one media production consisting of research, planning and the production itself
Where does studying this course take me?

A successful grade at GCSE will allow progression to A level or BTEC courses post 16.

What do I really need to cope successfully with this course?

To succeed at GCSE media studies, students must have a passion for some of the aspects of the media. Analytical skills and the ability to write a developed a coherent argument are also essential for this subject Students will need to spend additional time mastering basic media skills such as taking photographs, filming, image manipulation and editing.

Examination Board: WJEC

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