Reporting Bullying


  • Whether you have witnessed someone being bullied, or you are the person being bullied, reporting it is always the right thing to do, so please do not worry about it
  • You don’t have to leave your name if you prefer not to (if you are reporting about someone else who is being bullied)
  • You can either report it to:
  • Year Inclusion Manager
  • Member of staff in the HART team



Year Inclusion Managers:



What happens when bullying is reported?


  • School staff will work with the student to agree a way to resolve and end the bullying
  • Students who have bullied will be helped by:
  • Talking through the incident(s), how and why both parties became involved;
  • Being clear about the wrong doing and agreeing the need to change their behaviour;
  • Parent and carers will be informed to help change the attitude of the student.
  • Sanctions will be issued where appropriate