Werneth School has a ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind



This site is available to offer support and help to students of Werneth School who feel they are being bullied or know of another person being bullied.


You can also talk to someone anonymously via email or arrange to talk about bullying problems in person to either your year inclusion Manager or someone in the HART team


This service is confidential and no information will be disclosed unless we feel that you or another person may be at risk.


Bullying can make you feel isolated, worthless, lonely, anxious, angry and lacking confidence. Whilst it is quite normal for you to experience some or all of these feelings, it is not acceptable.


If you are experiencing problems like these because of bullying, then it is having an impact on your health


Bullying in any form is hurtful and unacceptable

and can make your life miserable, so lets stop

it together.