Ten Top Tips to Motivate Your Child to Read

1.    Make time for reading – reading should be an enjoyable experience, not a rushed and hurried one
2.    Set aside a regular time to read with your child
3.    Choose interesting material but ensure it is not above the reading ability of your child
4.    Try creating a comfortable, dedicated reading area
5.    Offer your child a wide variety of reading material (joke books, non-fiction, comics, magazines, graphic novels – the list is endless …)
6.    Buddy read with your child
7.    Don’t underestimate the value of a good picture book – especially for struggling or reluctant readers
8.    Kids love a funny book!
9.    Show your child that you love reading too!
10.    Provide access to a wide range of books (create a home library; use a public library; with a Kindle you can download a wide variety of free books and all ebooks are cheaper to buy than hard copy)

Ten Top Tips to Keep Your Child Reading

1.    Create a reading area
2.    Encourage reading at home and everywhere else (practice reading menus, instructions, information boards, film and TV credits … show them reading is everywhere)
3.    Act as a role model and let your child see you read
4.     Make connections between reading and real life
5.    Keep reading materials in the house and make them easily accessible
6.    Visit your local library – make this a regular trip
7.    Talk to your child about what they are reading – show an interest
8.    Expose your child to different book genres – if they always read fantasy novels, give them a science fiction or adventure story to read.
9.    Support your child- help them when they are struggling and talk to their English teacher if you feel your child needs more help
10.    ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO FIND THE TIME TO READ EVERY DAY. Try setting a specific time of the day aside to read.  This could be a time where your child reads alone, to you or with you.  Make reading a family activity.