Curriculum Intent

Information Technology builds problem-solving and logistical skills and trains students to empathise with the way others think.  Students learn about how to configure software to solve problems and methods of planning a series of related tasks. 
Information Technology provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively and enter national wide competitions on Cybersecurity.
Students can measure their success during their interactions with their teacher, on-line activities and in practical activities.

Curriculum Features

Information Technology offers a broad understanding and offers the opportunity to build practical software solutions to work related tasks.  Students build a holistic set of skills which can be used to build and configure software applications for a variety of purposes.  They learn how to plan tasks around logistical factors and make solutions to meet a defined client’s needs.

Co-curriculum Enrichment

It is the department’s avowed intention to build resilience, increase engagement in challenging activities, confidence when discussing controversial topics and increase students’ rigour in peer assessing written work as well as increasing their use of practical mathematical operations.