26 May 2023

Image of Parents on our school site

We operate a very busy school site with over 1100 students, 150 staff and many parents and carers who visit us on our premises. This means that the potential for a traffic accident at busy times of the day is always there, and we need to review it regularly. We are making a few necessary changes ...

The school gates at the main entrance have been open in the mornings and this has led to an increased volume of traffic on to the school premises. The safety of our students is paramount and therefore, to allow our students to enter the school premises safely, from Monday 5th June the school gates will be closed at 8.30am.

Parents should not be accessing the school site and car park to drop off/pick up their child at the start and end of the school day. For safeguarding our students if you arrive early to pick your child up, please be aware you cannot wait on the school site. We understand of course that there are a small number of our pupils who have specific needs that mean they need to be dropped off by parents. These parents should contact their Year Inclusion Manager or our SENDCO Mrs Burke sara.burke@wernethschool.com to receive specific instructions on this.

If your child arrives and leaves the school by car, we would ask you to arrange a safe drop off and pick-off point with them nearby to the school. We would request that parents keep the immediate area around school free of cars at the beginning and end of school, and are considerate of our neighbours. Please do not cause obstruction by dropping off at the school gate entrance.

The gates will continue to remain closed during the day until approximately 3.20pm when the students have left the school grounds.

If you need to collect your child during the school day for a medical appointment or due to illness, please arrive to the electronic gates and press the buzzer. A member of the administration team will answer the buzzer and allow you to access the school premises. Please report then to the main school reception. When you leave the school premises, the gates will automatically open for you to exit.

This is purely about keeping your children safe - please work with us to allow that to happen.